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Court Appeal Record, Brown v. Board of Education, 1954 May 17
This is a court appeal record regarding the decision of the monumental Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka U.S. Supreme Court case. which ruled legal segregation in public schools unconstitutional.

Cartoon, “...De-Lib-er-ate...Deliberate speed?...” Clifford Baldowski, Atlanta Constitution, 1955 March 16
Political cartoon by Clifford Baldowski originally published in the Atlanta Constitution

Booklet, “The Year of the Great Decision” NAACP Annual Report, 1954
Annual NAACP report, noting the Brown v. Board of Education decision reached that year

Radio Program Summary, “Last Minute Headlines From WRFC,” 1953 February 18
Headlines from a Athens, Georgia radio station. The underlined portion, which reads "Attorney General Cook renews plea for dismissal of suit by Atlanta negro seeking entrance to University law school", refers to Horace T. Ward's attempt to receive…

“Report of the University Of Georgia Faculty Committee On The Appeal Of Horace T. Ward” Page 10, 1951 September 8
During Horace T. Ward’s admission interview committee officials asked him why he wanted to attend the University of Georgia’s law school and requested that he submit a written response. Page ten of the final report, shown here, displays Ward’s…

Photograph, Horace Ward in his law office, undated
Shows Horace T. Ward in his law office

Photograph, Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter with attorney Donald Holowell, ca. 1960.
Shows Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter with one of their attorneys, Donald Holowell. Holowell, along with other attorneys Horace T. Ward and Vernon Jordan, as well as the NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s Constance Baker Motley, represented Holmes and…

Letter, Athens, Georgia, to Hamilton Holmes from Walter Danner (university registrar), rejecting his application to the University of Georgia, 1960 November 29
This is Hamilton Holmes' rejection letter for the 1961 Winter and Spring Quarters. A little more than a month later after the writing of this letter, Holmes and Charlayne Hunter would be granted acceptance to the university after the federal court…

Civil Action No. 450, Holmes and Hunter v. Danner, 1960 December 16-17
Civil action report detailing the case of Hamilton Holmes and Charlayne Hunter against Walter Danner, the registrar of UGA

Cartoon, “--Bootle to Tuttle to Black --”, Clifford Baldowski, Atlanta Constitution, 1961 January 11
Political cartoon by Clifford Baldowski originally published in the Atlanta Constitution
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