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This particular entry documents the motions brought up during this particular meeting. The Stephenson Gold Mining Company, Dahlonega, Georgia, incorporated in September 1861. One of many new mining companies formed around the onset of the Civil War,…

Photograph showing a trestle pipe carrying water across an area of land devastated by hydraulic mining

Letter from a captain in the US Army to a Mr James Howell, in charge of the US Branch Mint at Dahlonega requesting that Howell take a complete inventory of the machinery left in the Mint

Photograph showing the destruction of hydraulic mining

Illustration showing the technology known as "the Giant," which was a tool integral to the hydraulic mining process

Map of the Lumpkin County region of Georgia, showing the Gold Belt and elevated placers highlighted in yellow and a possible route for an aqueduct

Map showing the locations of gold placers and the route of an aqueduct owned by Nacoochee Hydraulic Mining Company, which was established in 1857
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