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Starting in the spring of 2016, students in three classes at the University of Georgia—Stephen Berry’s Death and Dying; Scott Nesbit’s Burial Grounds of North Campus; and Nesbit’s Introduction to Historic Preservation—have been researching Oconee Hill Cemetery. The cemetery opened in 1856, replacing the Old Athens Cemetery on Jackson Street as Athens’ most visible site for burial. It quickly became the resting place of well- and not so well-known Athenians. This website captures that student work and makes it accessible to the community partners whose cooperation has been essential to the success of this experiential learning project.

This site was made possible through the content created by the following students:

HIST 4090: Death and Dying in America- Berry, Spring 2016

Carroll, John R.; Clark, Molly D.; Collier, Amelia J.; French, Logan S.; Godfree, Cody H.; Gosnell, John R.; Griner, Jackson A.; Haas, Olivia C.; Haley, Claire E.; Hallberg, Kendall M.; Hunt, Emma G.; Hunt, Owen H.; Kim, Jin K.; Long, Sherrer V.; Neufeld, Darcy E.; Pack, Marlee N.; Phillips, Ross E.; Pittman, Meredith E.; Post, Jennifer E.; Ray, Stephanie V.; Roberts, Kyle M.; Vaughan, Christopher M.; Waters, Jennifer L.; Yount, Anders E.

Honors 1990H, Burial Grounds of North Campus-Berry, Spring 2016

Bennett, Brett; Blanton, Zackary; Desai, Meera; Doyle, Erin; Emerson, Patrick; Ferguson, Richard; Gibbs, Connor; Harris, Mallory; Katti, Nisha; McCartney, Samuel; Nesbit, Clark; Piehler, Amanda; Ray, Chandler; Redwine, Roby; Simon, Mollie; Williams, Camily

HIPR 4000, Introduction to Historic Preservation -Nesbit; Spring 2016

Brown, Shelby; Richardson, Jacob; Barnett, Grace; Girardeau, Jillian; Adams, Daniel; Lewis, Elizabeth; Martin, Jarrett

AFAM/HIST 3102, Modern African American Experience- Lee, Fall 2016

Ballard, Darrell; Bastien, Hailee; Bond, Zondria; Birts, Alexis; Casey, Jack; Davis, Kara; Headley, Matthew; Jezek, Jenna; Leake, Langston; Levey; Peri; Lins, Natalie; Massie, Erika; Maze, Lyric; McArthur, Cierra; Mendez, Gabriel; Nelson; Sarah; Plunkett, Sarah; Sanders, Dominick; Simmons, Kristin; Thompson, Spenser; Wood, Dakota; Woodward, Harrison

ANTH 4730 Human Osteology- Reitsema, Fall 2016

Alarcon, Edgar; Bryan, Brandon; Campbell, Ross; Dobbs, April; Garland, Carey; Holder, Sammantha; Horton, Rachel; Iocovozzi, Hannah; Kazmi, Adam; Lunsford, Janae; Oster, Nicole; Reinberger, Katherine; Reynolds, Sidney; Van Hagen, Logan; Walker, William