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Mary Dorothy Lyndon


Mary Dorothy Lyndon, a vastly educated woman, was the first woman to receive a degree from the University of Georgia. As Associate Professor of Education and Dean of Women at the University of Georgia, she was able to implement a number of programs benefiting women; however, her career would be cut short when catching a fatal case of pneumonia.


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13 August 1877 - 5 April 1924


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Mary Dorothy Lyndon was the first female to receive a degree from the University of Georgia. On June 17th, 1914 she was awarded with a Master of Arts degree. Lyndon grew up in Athens, Georgia, but would leave in order to receive higher education at Wesleyan College. Lyndon graduated from Wesleyan College in 1896, but stayed an extra year in order to earn a graduate degree in Dramatic Arts. To add to her education, Lyndon also took time to study Dramatic Art and History at Columbia University in New York. Lyndon had previously returned to Athens to earn a 2-year teaching diploma from the State Normal School, which would enable her to teach English at an Athens High School. In 1911, Lyndon was offered a position teaching history at the Lucy Cobb Institute, which permitted her to take summer classes at the University of Georgia, a male only institution. The University had a policy where those who desired to become teachers could earn credit during summer school, a policy that Lyndon took advantage of.

In 1919, after there had been a great push for women’s education, Lyndon was offered the position of Associate Professor of Education and Dean of Women at the University of Georgia. Her accomplishments at UGA include starting a woman’s basketball team and establishing the first sorority on campus, Phi Mu. Unfortunately, a fatal case of pneumonia put an end to Lyndon’s career at the early age of 46. Mary Lyndon Hall is named in her honor. 



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