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This photo is of the 1894 University of Georgia football team, which was coached by Robert Winston. This team had a record of five wins and one loss (5-1).

This roster shows the players, managers, and captain of the 1894 University of Georgia football team. At this time coaches served more as trainers of the team rather than as coaches in the modern sense of that term, therefore they were not always…

This team, under the leadership of Glenn ‘Pop’ Warner (on the left of this photo wearing a sweater with the letter ‘C’), was Georgia’s first (and one of only three) undefeated season, with a record of 4-0. ‘Pop’ Warner was paid $40 per week to coach…

This is a photograph of the 1897 University of Georgia football team taken sometime before October 30 1897. On that date, Richard Vonalbade 'Von' Gammon was killed during a game against the University of Virginia at Brisbane Park in Atlanta. Von…

This is the 1898 University of Georgia football team, which was coached by Charles McCarthy (June 29, 1873 – March 26, 1921). McCarthy coached UGA for two seasons, 1897 and 1898.

This photograph is taken from the Atherton Seidell photo album…

This team represented the University of Georgia on the football field in 1904 under Coach Charles Barnard. The team had a record of 1-5, with the only victory coming over a team representing the University of Florida.

This is a photograph of the 1906 University of Georgia football team. This team was coached by W.S. 'Bull' Whitney and went 2-4-1 during the season, with the only wins coming against Mercer College (now Mercer University) and archrival Auburn.…

The 1907 University of Georgia football team compiled a 4-3-1 and was coached by W.S. 'Bull' Whitney. The use of 'ringers' (paid semi-professional football players) in latter part of the season marred this team's reputation; 'Bull' Whitney was asked…

This team posted a record of 5-2-1 under Coach Branch Bocock. This would be Bocock's only full season as head football coach at Georgia.

Arguably the worst team in fielded by the University during this era, the 1909 team managed a record of only 1-4-2 under the leadership of coach James Coulter, a Brown University graduate with no prior coaching experience. During the season, Frank…
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