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Vince Dooley, Larry West, Chuck Kinnebrew, Clarence Pope, and Horace King being honored on Dooley Field in Sanford Stadium during the Georgia vs. Missouri game on November 9, 2019.

1968 Pandora_001_omeka.jpg
Detail of a team photograph of the 1967 Georgia freshman football team showing James Hurley.

st marys_001_omeka.jpg
Roster page from the September 29, 1950, St. Mary's vs. Georgia game day football program featuring St. Mary's fullback John Henry Johnson.

Red and Black newspaper photograph of UGA track athlete Maxie Foster

squab_from athletics_005 omeka.jpg
'Squab' Jones standing in Sanford Stadium

Head football coach Vince Dooley posing with a group of Georgia football players, including Clarence Pope and Horace King

Black convict laborers building Sanford Stadium. The use of leased convict labor in Georgia was widespread for many construction projects during the first half of the 20th century.

Clegg_fromAthletics_001 omeka.jpg
Pleas 'Clegg' Starks on the Georgia football practice field, ca. early 1960s.

Georgia Bulldogs quarterback rushes the ball against Vanderbilt, October 18, 1986.

Photograph of former Georgia Bulldogs Athletic Director Damon Evans posing with Uga.
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