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"Richard Appleby receives 18 yd. touchdown pass from [Matt] Robinson as Steve Curnatte defends. GA 38 Vandy 31"

Richard Appleby_800dpi_006_omeka.jpg
Richard Appleby is tackled while catching a pass vs. Florida in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville during the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party".

Richard Appleby_800dpi_005_omeka.jpg
Promotional head shot of Richard Appleby.

Richard Appleby_800dpi_004_omeka.jpg
Richard Appleby running with the ball vs. Vanderbilt on October 19, 1974 in Sanford Stadium.

Richard Appleby_800dpi_003_omeka.jpg
Richard Appleby catching a pass for a promotional photograph.

Clegg_fromAthletics_004 omeka.jpg
'Clegg' Starks hands equipment to Georgia football players.

A photo of Pleas "Clegg" Starks holding a bucket.

Portrait photograph of Pleas "Clegg" Starks.

Larry West_800dpi_008_Horace King_omeka.jpg
Larry West and Horace King post with Georgia Bulldogs radio sideline correspondent Loran Smith in Sanford Stadium in 2002.

Larry West posing for photographs on the Georgia Bulldogs practice fields.
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