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Henry Walter 'Chief' Ruark, lineman and co-captain of the 1942 Bulldogs. Ruark was killed in action in Belgium in November 1944.

The powerful 1942 Bulldogs team ceased to exist as soon as the final gun sounded on the Rose Bowl. The 1943 team was made up of men waiting to be drafted, men classified as 4-F (undraftable), or men too young to join the military. Given the option at…

Navy Pre-Flight School cadets eating. The University campus was in large part taken over by the Navy and existing facilities were either enlarged or changed to meet the needs of the Pre-Flight school. New facilities were also constructed on campus;…

Navy Pre-Flight School cadets on parade. These cadets are using the open-air amphitheater on south campus as a parade ground. The amphitheater stood on what is now the site of the Boyd Graduate Studies Building and the Science Library.

Cadets of the U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School exercise on south campus of the University of Georgia.

Cadets of the U.S. Navy pre-flight school, which existed on the UGA campus from 1942 through 1945, parade in Sanford Stadium
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