Brooklyn Cemetery: A Photo Gallery

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   Experiencing Brooklyn Cemetery is something that can only be described as fascinating. Nestled in between Clarke Middle School and Holy Cross Lutheran Chuch, one could easily miss this important piece of history that seems to be all but forgotten. 

   Hidden under tall trees and expansive foilage are over four hundred people that have been buried on this land over the last two centuries. While there are some tombstones that have been well maintained, the vast majority of the cemetery consists of broken and weathered grave markers, tombstones, and some (as seen below) are simply marked with what appears to be PVC pipe. 

   Overall, the land itself is still clearly considered a part of the history of Athens, indicated with paved trails and signs of past visitors on some grave sites, but there is an overwhelming sense that the foot traffic on these grounds is very few and far between. 

   Below you will find an exhibit of some of the various graves that we took pictures of, ranging from grand headstones to nothing at all. 

Aged Headstones

 The headstones featured below are unique and in relatively good condition considering their age and weathering. 


Name Plates

A large number of the graves had these types of name plates instead of a traditional headstone. While some were legible, many were rusted over or worn. 

PVC Pipe Markers 

Many of the graves were simply represented by white pipe that was sticking up in the ground. Some names were indicated on the grave markers by an attached slip of paper.

Modern Headstones

Some of the headstones in the cemetery appeared to be newerer and more contemporary than the rest. This serves as an indication of continued use and/or preservation of the graves. 

Damaged Headstones 

The images below are those of headstones that have become damaged or destroyed. 

Brooklyn Cemetery: A Photo Gallery