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To learn more about the creation of GOHL, watch this presentation delivered to the 2021 Georgia Libraries Conference by Lisa Bayer (director, University of Georgia Press) and Kat Stein (director, Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library).

In the video below, historian Catherine Kerrison addresses the broad historical and intellectual significance of curated open digital resources, which allow both scholars and an informed public to challenge the narratives of those who would erase the complexity of our early national history. This lecture was delivered on October 12, 2021 to celebrate the launch of the Georgia Open History Library.


Titles now available through the Georgia Open History Library

Adam and Jefferson: A Revolutionary Dialogue by Merrill D. Peterson  

The American Revolution in Georgia, 1763-1789 by Kenneth Coleman

Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Volume 20: Original Papers, Correspondence to the Trustees, James Oglethorpe, and Others, 1732-1735

Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Volume 27: Original Papers of Governor John Reynolds, 1754-1756

Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Volume 28, Part 1: Original Papers of Governors Reynolds, Ellis, Wright, and Others, 1757-1763

Colonial Records of the State of Georgia Volume 28, Part 2: Original Papers of Governor Wright, President Habersham, and Others, 1764-1782

Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Volume 29: Trustees Letter Book, 1732-1738

Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Volume 30: Trustees Letter Book, 1738-1745

Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Volume 31: Trustees Letter Book, 1745-1752

Colonial Records of the State of Georgia, Volume 32: Entry Books of Commissions, Powers, Instructions, Leases, Grants of Land, Etc. by the Trustees

A Colonial Southern Bookshelf by Richard Beale Davis

Detailed Reports on the Salzburger Emigrants Who Settled in America by Samuel Urlsperger

Volume I: 1733-1734

Volume II: 1734-1735

Volume III: 1736

Volume IV: 1737

Volume V: 1738

Volume VI: 1739

Volume VII: 1740

Volume VIII: 1741

Volume IX: 1742

Volume X: 1743

Volume XI: 1747 and Volume XII: 1748

Volume XIII: 1749 and Volume XIV: 1750

Volume XV: 1751-1752

Volume XVI: 1753-1754

Volume XVII: 1759-1760

The French Enlightenment in America: Essays on the Times of the Founding Fathers by Paul Merill Spurlin

Georgia’s Charter of 1732 by Albert B. Saye

Georgia’s Planting Prelate by Hubert OwensHenry Newman’s Salzburger LetterbooksThe Journal of Peter Gordon, 1732-1735

The Journal of the Earl of Egmont:  Abstract of the Trustees’ Proceedings for Establishing the Colony of Georgia, 1732-1738

Lachlan McIntosh Papers in the University of Georgia LibrariesLaws of the Creek Nation

Old Petersburg and the Broad River Valley of Georgia: Their Rise and Decline by E. Merton Coulter

Origins of a Southern Mosaic: Studies of Early Carolina and Georgia by Clarence L. Ver Steeg

Publications of James Edward Oglethorpe Revolution and Regeneration: Life Cycle and the Historical Vision of the Generation of 1776 by Peter Charles Hoffer 

Salzburgers and Their Descendants by P.A. Strobel

Some Account of the Design of the Trustees for Establishing Colonys in America by James Edward Oglethorpe

T. Butler King of Georgia by Edward M. SteelTravels in the Colonies in 1773-1775 Described in the Letters of William MyIne

Constitutions and Constitutionalism in the Slaveholding South by Don E. Fehrenbacher

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