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Lavalier Microphones



Lavalier microphones are worn by reporters, actors, politicians, or anyone else needing freedom of movement during recording or broadcasting. These microphones were originally mounted on a plate that rested on the user's chest and was secured by a strap or belt that fastened around the neck. At left is an example of an early lavalier microphone in use. Below, WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News reporter Carolyn Sawyer gives a report in 1986 using a modern lavalier microphone. Modern lavalier microphones are easily clipped onto shirts or even worn in the hair, and are often wireless.

Modern Lavalier Microphone Use


The largest, as well as oldest, lavalier microphone in the Steele Microphone Collection can be seen below. Compare this massive microphone with the smaller and more modern microphones in the gallery that follows.


Altec 21B /155A

All of the lavalier microphones contained in the Steele Collection are of the Dynamic Omni-Directional type, and are featured in the gallery below. Also included in this gallery are some versatile microphones, which could be worn as lavalier microphones or placed on stands. The Electro-Voice Model 647C and the Electro-Voice Model 649B below are two such versatile microphones.

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