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Vintage Microphone Advertisements


Along with his extensive collection of American-made microphones, Mr. Steele also donated several volumes from his personal library. Among those was The History & Evolution of the Microphone, which the author Bob Paquette personally gave Mr. Steele. This book compiles a large number of advertisements for microphones, as well photographs of vintage microphones. Below are several advertisements from the book, and their accompanying microphones from Mr. Steele's collection.


Along with advertisements, the book has a treasure-trove of technical data sheets for microphones. One such data sheet is featured below, along with the accompanying microphones in Mr. Steele's collection.

Page Sources

  • Paquette, Bob. The History & Evolution of the Microphone. Edited by Nathan St. Pierre,1999. pp. 197, 198, 205, 212, 293.
Vintage Microphone Advertisements