The Lived Experiences of Enslaved People in Athens, GA

Dosia Harris

Much of the information on this website was collected from the Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938. This valuable source contains thousands of first-person accounts of slavery across the country. Interviewees were asked about where they lived, what sort of clothes they wore, foods they ate, holidays, among many others. Because these interviews were conducted in the late 1930s, many of the people were very young during slavery so also talk about games they played. Not only do these narratives provide insight into the experiences of enslaved Africans in Athens, they also present a unique look at life as a child during slavery. 

Throughout the website, you will find short biographies and direct quotes from interviews with enslaved Africans who lived in the Athens area. These quotes assisted us in our bioarchaeological interpretations of the people buried at Old Athens Cemetery and our understandings of slavery in Athens.

We also utilized historical newspaper articles and photos through the University ArchivesAs well as historical books by local authors, such as Dr. Michael Thurmond. 

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The Lived Experiences of Enslaved People in Athens, GA