Selected Bibliography and Archival Resources

Selected Bibliography

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Athletics Archival Resources

In addition to the books and articles listed above, the following archival resources in the Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library provide a wealth of information, photographs, documents, and ephemera related to the period covered by this exhibit:

- The University of Georgia Athletic Association Archives, in particular Series 1: Photographs and Series 7: Administrative Records

- The Fred C. Davison Presidential Papers

- The Charles B. Knapp Presidental Papers

- Georgia Bulldogs game day programs collection

All of these archival collections are open to the public for research and study in the Richard B. Russell Special Collections Libraries Building.

University of Georgia Desegregation Resources

Each of the three archival libraries that are part of the University of Georgia Libraries hold extensive, publicly available resources relating to the desegregation of the University in the early 1960s.  Some of these resources are available online, while the majority are housed in the Richard B. Russell Special Collections Libraries Building

The following guide is available for anyone who wishes to begin research into this topic.

Desegregation at UGA: A Guide to Resources in UGA Special Collections