Black Quarterbacks at Georgia: 1976-2021

As football teams integrated, many college and professional coaches moved Black players to positions they deemed less intellectually demanding and requiring less leadership ability. As a result, many Black athletes found themselves playing fullback, running back, defensive line, or defensive back, as these positions were thought to require less knowledge of offensive and defensive schemes -- and would also not require them to give orders to or lead White players. Black players found themselves locked out of positions on the offensive line, at linebacker, and especially at quarterback. In addition, some teams, whether college or professional, were uncomfortable with having Black athletes at quarterback because of that position's high visibility in the media and with fans.

In 1972, Condredge Holloway of the University of Tennessee Volunteers was the first Black athlete to play quarterback in the SEC. Four years later, Anthony Flanagan, who also played for Georgia's basketball team, became the first Black athlete to play quarterback for the Bulldogs. Flanagan saw action against Clemson in the second game of the 1976 season. Against Vanderbilt on October 16, 1976, Flanagan became the first Black quarterback to score a touchdown for the Bulldogs. Flanagan was presumed to be the starter going into the 1977 season, but grade issues derailed his opportunity.

The following is a list of all Black quarterbacks who have appeared in a game for the Georgia Bulldogs.



Head Coach


Anthony Flanagan

1976 Vince Dooley The first Black quarterback at Georgia to see playing time and to score. Was the presumed starting quarterback for 1977 until grades issues caused him to leave school.

Darryl Jones

1980 Vince Dooley Saw limited playing time during the 1980 national championship season, then moved to defense for the remainder of his career.

James Jackson

1984-1987 Vince Dooley Saw playing time in 1984 alongside two other QBs, then alternated as starting QB with Wayne Johnson for the remainder of his career.

Wayne Johnson

1985-1988 Vince Dooley Alternated as starting QB with James Jackson, then was the primary starter in 1988.

Derrick Harris

1988 Vince Dooley Saw limited playing time behind Wayne Johnson, then transferred.

Joe Dupree

1990 Ray Goff Was a starting QB for part of the 1990 season, then transferred to Georgia Southern where he started a game against Georgia in 1992.

Hines Ward

1995 Ray Goff Ward played multiple positions on offense during his time at Georgia, and started at quarterback during 1995.

Quincy Carter

1998-2000 Jim Donnan Carter was Georgia's starting quarterback from 1998 through 2000.

Labrone Mitchell

1999 Jim Donnan Mitchell saw limited playing time in 1999, then moved to receiver for the remainder of his career.

DJ Shockley

2002-2005 Mark Richt Shockley saw playing time alongside primary starter David Greene during the 2002-2004 seasons, then led Georgia to an SEC Championship as the full-time starter in 2005.

Christian Lemay

2012 Mark Richt Lemay saw limited playing time during his freshman year, then transferred.

Justin Fields

2018 Kirby Smart Fields saw playing time alongside primary starter Jake Fromm during his freshman year, but transferred to Ohio State at the conclusion of the season.

D'Wan Mathis 

2020 Kirby Smart Started the first game of the season against Arkansas, but saw limited action for the rest of the year and transferred to Temple.