Vince Dooley Interviewed About the Integration of Georgia Football

Vince Dooley played a central role in developing athletics at the University for forty years as head football coach of the Georgia Bulldogs from 1964 through 1988 and Director of Athletics for the University of Georgia from 1979 through 2004. His career coincided with fundamental changes in college athletics, from the racial integration of athletics, the empowerment of female athletics through Title IX legislation, to changing mores and societal norms that were reflected by the athletes in his program.

During a wide-ranging oral history interview project conducted by the Hargrett Library's UGA Athletics History Specialist Jason Hasty in the spring and summer of 2017, Coach Dooley reflected on these changes, and specifically on the integration of the football team. The following video contains many reflections by Coach Dooley on a variety of topics, with his specific comments social changes in athletics coming at 32 minutes into this video and his recollections about the integration of the Bulldogs coming at the 36 minute mark.

Coach Vince Dooley interviewed on social changes within UGA athletics and the integration of the football team.

There is little to no archival record of the administrative decisions made during the time when the segregation of athletics was ending. Coach Dooley's recollections, recorded by an interviewer in 1991 and available in Box 157, folder 17 of the Charles Knapp papers, are an invaluable insight into this process

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