Covered With Glory: Football at UGA, 1892-1917

'Alma Mater' echoed over the hills.  'Glory, Glory to Old Georgia' in its wake. 
- Atlanta Journal, October 31, 1915

This is a digital exhibit examining the early history of the University of Georgia football program, 1892-1917.  These years saw the formation of the program, the establishment of several traditions and rivalries which carry on to the current day, and the careers of several prominent players and coaches.  

This digital exhibit is concurrent with a physical exhibit that will be on display at the Richard B. Russell Special Collections Libraries Building from August 31 through December 22, 2017, though this website will be available online after the physical exhibit has been removed.

Further research into the history of University of Georgia athletics can be done through the collections of the Hargrett Library, which holds the archives of the University as well as the archives of the UGA Athletic Association. 

All materials and photographs in this exhibit are from the collections of the Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Permission to copy or in any way re-use these images must be granted through the Hargrett Library.

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This exhibit was curated by Jason Hasty (UGA Athletics History Specialist, Hargrett Library), Victoria Berkow (MA History, UGA, 2017), and Caroline Corbitt (Lamar Dodd School of Art, UGA). Special thanks are owed to Emily McGinn of the UGA Digital Humanities Lab for invaluable technical support and assistance. All questions about this exhibit can be directed to