Reed Creek Collection of Dahlonega Gold Coins

The Dahlonega Mint produced gold coins from 1838 until 1861, in three primary denominations $1, $2.50, and $5 with $3 pieces struck in 1854. 

A complete 62-piece set of gold coins struck at the Dahlonega Mint was donated by John F. McMullan who collected the coins for the purpose of public display. McMullan started the collection in 2008 by purchasing an 1854-D Indian Head $3 coin. He spent years searching through thousands of coin rolls – finding one of the coins, an 1851-D half eagle, in a bank safe deposit box following his father’s death in 1954.

McMullan named the collection, the Thomas Leverette McMullan Reed Creek Collection, after the region on Georgia in which his father grew up. Thomas McMullan graduated from the University of Georgia and went on to teach agriculture at North Georgia College.

To learn more about the Reed Creek Collection, check out this article detailing its history and contents.

Gold Dollars ($1), 1849-1861

There are three types of gold dollars, the Liberty Head (1849-1854), small Indian Head (1855), and large Indian Head (1856-1861).  

Quarter Eagles ($2.50), 1839-1857, 1859

There are two types of quarter eagles, the Classic Head (1839) and the Liberty Head (1840-1859), no quarter eagles were struck in 1858.  

Three Dollars ($3), 1854 

There is one type of three dollar piece, the Indian Princess (1854).

Half Eagles ($5), 1838-1861   

There are three types of half eagles, the Classic Head (1838), the Liberty Head obverse mintmark (1839), and the Liberty Head reverse mintmark (1840-1861).